About the Pelican Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Catholic organizations with advice and counsel on the best possible use of their temporal resources as they work to further their missions.

The Pelican Group integrates specifically crafted financial strategies, unmatched access to capital financing alternatives, investment management advice, and stewardship-based fundraising counsel to manage and leverage financial assets to build our clients’ fiscal strength and independence.

Our Story

Since its inception in 2000, The Pelican Group has established itself as both an innovator and an authority in Church-related project financing and financial matters.

We have arranged project financing that has enabled over $1 billion of construction for 100 separate facilities including cathedrals, convents, monasteries, parishes, high schools, and Catholic Charities facilities. Additionally, The Pelican Group has provided counsel on some of the most successful diocesan fundraising campaigns, raising nearly $1 billion in gifts and managing the efforts of tens of thousands of campaign volunteers.

The Pelican Group is recognized by major money center banks, international investment banking firms, bond rating agencies, and insurance companies as the knowledge leader regarding Church finances. We are viewed as a trusted advisor to Catholic dioceses, religious institutes, high schools and universities regarding strategic planning, finance, capital project financing, development counsel, and stewardship education.

  • Advantages

    By lowering capital costs, mitigating risk, and applying appropriate and tailored financial strategies, The Pelican Group enables its clients to eliminate chronic liquidity challenges, develop more, and deeper donor relationships, build needed facilities sooner, accelerate growth, reach a greater audience, and realize their mission more fully.

  • Dedication

    The Pelican Group is dedicated to facilitating clients to more easily manage the growing financial complexity of their institutions, thereby enabling them to devote more time to the missions that originally inspired their vocations.

  • Services

    The Pelican Group is a highly specialized financial services and development counseling firm that provides financial and strategic consulting, capital resource and investment management advisory services, development and fundraising counsel, and stewardship education to dioceses, Catholic schools and universities, religious orders, and other organizations related to and part of the Catholic Church.

Our Logo

Our logo is an adaptation of ancient Christian symbol of a pelican feeding her young. This symbol is an icon of self-sacrifice and commitment, even to the point of death. Legend states that the mother pelican – in times of famine – wounded herself, striking her breast with the beak to feed her young with her blood and prevent starvation.

Because of this potent imagery, this symbol was frequently used by the Catholic Church to represent Christ in the Eucharist. The pelican was also used throughout the Crusades as a reminder of the Christian call to not only stand up and fight for Christ but also ultimately to lay one’s life down in the service of Christ.

This logo serves as a daily reminder that our work is so much more than just a job. It is our mission. Our commitment to you is unwavering dedication and excellence in all we do – providing unparalleled custom solutions pointing to organizational success and growing our Church together.

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