Capital Financing

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The Pelican Group leverages its experience and its relationships with the largest banking and investment banking firms to arrange capital financing for a broad range of capital projects. We use a competitive process to identify and select the best-suited capital providers as part of our effort to arrange the most economically advantageous financing. Once financing is obtained, The Pelican Group works to ensure that its clients’ investment resources are matched to their obligations ensuring institutional discipline and program sustainability.


ChurchThe Pelican Group believes that investment capital and capital campaign proceeds should not be used to reduce or eliminate properly structured debt or even to directly fund construction projects. Rather, capital resources should be leveraged to support appropriate financing, improve liquidity, produce investment income, and build endowments.

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Too often excess capital is used to reduce or eliminate debt in an effort to avoid perceived risk and eliminate debt service payments.

The avoidance of debt does not, by itself, provide financial stability or reduce risk and, in fact, may leave an organization seriously cash constrained even after having just completed a successful capital campaign.


More effective capital resource utilization coupled with a strategic use of debt has profound benefits that The Pelican Group has been able to secure for its clients including:

  • Properly represented credit profiles
  • Improved credit and credit ratings
  • Lower borrowing costs
  • Longer planning horizons
  • Supplemental investment income
  • Growing endowments
  • Strengthened liquidity
  • Structured arbitrage opportunities