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Our Mission | Financial and Strategic Consulting

The Pelican Group believes that by employing proven financial and strategic planning principles and management techniques used in the for-profit world, including the prudent use of debt, sound cash management strategies, structured balance sheet management, and investing for income, the typical Catholic non-profit organization can find relief from endless liquidity crises.


ChurchThe Pelican Group staff has decades of experience in strategic planning, economics, finance, and organization development that it capitalizes on, in cooperation with client teams, to develop and implement long-term solutions. In addition to its own expertise, The Pelican Group has developed meaningful relationships with banks and investment banking firms, attorneys, canon lawyers, private lenders, and other financial professionals that it leverages on behalf of its clients.

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Catholic organizations faced with persistent liquidity challenges tend to see money as a problem, rather than a tool. Maintaining positive cash flow can often become the organization’s focus dictating priorities, wasting valuable resources, and reducing the organization’s impact and effectiveness. Inadequate cash flow is a symptom of poor planning and resource management.


  • Short and long-term financial strategies
  • Capital planning
  • Equity leveraging
  • Resource utilization
  • Diversified revenue
  • Structured finance
  • Performance metrics
  • Pro-active performance monitoring
  • Preventative and corrective action planning
  • Cohesive Capital utilization and Formation strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Organization Development
  • Internal Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring