A ‘Silent Church’ is of No Service to God or Man, remarks Mexican Cardinal

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EWTN News – September 7, 2010

CMexico City, Mexico, Sep 7, 2010 / (EWTN News) – The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, said this week that the Church cannot be silent or indifferent towards the great problems of the world, and encouraged believers to “raise their voices” in defense of those who are suffering.

“The Church, although many want her to do so, cannot be silent in the face of the sins of the world and of her children. A silent Church is of no service to God or man,” the cardinal stated.

“We must show our solidarity and joint responsibility by raising our voices, offering our proposals and our commitment so that these ills will be turned into good in benefit of the most defenseless,” he added, recalling the example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Cardinal Rivera also commented on the murders of 72 immigrants in Tamaulipas, calling for peace on the Mexican borders. He offered his prayers for the victims and lone survivor of this “abominable crime.”

“Together with them we express our prayers for our brothers and sisters who unfortunately were sacrificed on our soil, and just like them, we also lament this abominable crime,” he said.


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