Mexican Cardinal Exhorts Catholics to Trust in God, not Money

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EWTN News – March 1, 2011

Mexico City, Mexico, Mar 1, 2011 / (EWTN News) Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, the archbishop of Mexico City, exhorted Catholics on Feb. 27 to put their trust in God and his providence, not in fleeting power and riches.

In his homily at the Cathedral of Mexico City, the cardinal recalled that God is attentive to each human being and – if he cares for animals – he will give people much more attention and care.

In the Gospel passage, he said, the Lord asks for “the most natural thing in the world: trust. It is the same trust that a child gives to his parents, a husband to his wife, a student to his teacher in this world. God wants of us that which is essential in social relationships – that we trust in Him.”

“You all are witnesses of how an entire society becomes paralyzed by a lack of trust. If we are worried, distressed or nervous, it is probably because we lack trust in God. This fear paralyzes us and renders our efforts useless. Things work out better when we trust,” the cardinal continued.

“God is with us in our lives, at every moment, today and tomorrow as well. We can count on Him every day! Worrying every morning jeopardizes the work of the day.”

However, he said, Christ “does not condemn planning and saving. We must reasonably foresee what is coming and we are obliged to save. But we must not expect absolute security, because we will never have it. We must accept a certain amount of insecurity.”

“We must protect ourselves, but we cannot protect ourselves against everything. We must not expect to find a solution for doing away with providence. We must learn how to trust, and above all, to trust in God our Father,” he concluded.


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