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01/20/13: A mission to save Catholic schools
12/03/12: What ‘The Economist’ Meant to Say …
03/24/12: Integration of Catholic Identity, Operational Excellence, Finance, and Development in Creating a Vision for Catholic Education
02/9/12: Catholic School Officials Gather in San Antonio to Begin the Revitalization Of U.S. Catholic Schools
01/29/12: George Looking to Wall Street to Shore Up Archdiocese Finances
01/17/12: O’Meara Ferguson Releases Groundbreaking Analysis of Catholic Education
09/07/10: O’Meara Ferguson Gives $500,000 to the Center for Catholic Stewardship
05/22/10: Archdiocese of Milwaukee Projects Total of $94.3 million as Faith in Our Future Campaign Concludes
05/03/10: David Morrison, former William Blair & Company Principal, joins O’Meara Ferguson
04/21/10: Wall Street Journal: Patrick O’Meara Quoted Regarding the Goldman Sachs Lawsuit
04/05/10: (podcast) Spanish Language Podcast: Introducing the Concept of Christian Stewardship to the Latino Community
03/16/10: Catholic Education: Living Off the Legacy – O’Meara Ferguson Newsletter – Tertium Quid (vol. 1, issue 1)
11/12/09: Archdiocese of Milwaukee – Campaign Reaps Spiritual, Financial Rewards
11/02/09: Villa Stritch Dinner Time of Remembrance for Cardinal Foley
10/29/09: USCCB: Tell Congress to Remove Abortion Funding and Mandates from Needed Health Care Reform
10/25/09: Archdiocese of Chicago – Parishes, Schools Report Capital Needs
08/27/09: Ann Arbor Sisters Can’t Build Fast Enough to House New Members
08/21/09: Bringing a Saint’s Life to the Screen
08/12/09: Pope Benedict to Meet with ‘School Circle,’ discuss Church’s Mission
08/10/09: “Development, Financing and Catholic Education in a Turbulent Economy” – O’Meara Ferguson 2009 Summer Conference
06/19/09: Dan Conway Receives Excellence in Journalism Award
03/19/09: Stewardship, Accountability at Heart of Faith In Our Future Trust
03/12/09: Letter on Remission of Excommunication Lefebvre Bishops
03/09/09: Bishops Urge Catholics to Reject Bill Giving Laity Parish Fiscal Rule
02/18/09: The Light of Christ Abounds in Oakland’s New Cathedral
01/31/09: Catholic Archdiocese Past Halfway Point to Fund-raising Goal
11/30/08: “Church and Finance” – Four-part series from Our Sunday Visitor featuring O’Meara Ferguson
October 2008: O’Meara Ferguson President and Founder Responds to the Global Financial Crisis
October 2008: O’Meara Ferguson Responds to the Global Financial Crisis – Exclusive Bank Interviews:
10/13/08: Dan Conway receives Bishop Connare Award
08/18/08: O’Meara Ferguson Hosts Conference on the Management of the Church’s Temporal Affairs
08/09/08: O’Meara Ferguson Hosts First Annual Conference on Financial Stewardship
08/07/08: Archdiocese of Louisville Launches Historical Campaign with the Help of O’Meara Ferguson
06/05/08: O’Meara Ferguson Introduces New Firm Name, Logo
05/16/08: “Pennies Backed By Heaven”, The Wall Street Journal’s Look at Managing the Finances of the Catholic Church
04/11/08: Our Lady of Clear Creak Monastery is Experiencing Tremendous Growth
03/23/08: Inside Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery
11/09/07: Oakland Diocese Preps $110M Sale: Taxable Deal Would Fund New Cathedral
10/12/07: Oakland Diocese Wins Investment Grade for Cathedral Financing
08/10/07: Mother of Good Counsel Home is Undertaking $10 million of Upgrades and Renovations
02/05/07: Dominican Sisters of Mary featured on the Today Show
01/19/07: Austin Diocese tops $80M
08/26/06: Diocese of Orlando to Raise $378 million with the Help of O’Meara Ferguson
08/01/06: “Catholic Information Project” Released by USCCB
11/01/05: Wall Street Encouraged by the Diocese of Austin’s Historic Entrance into the Public Bond Market
06/16/05: O’Meara Ferguson Advises the Diocese of Austin on a Landmark Deal