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April 23, 2010

Strategic Planning: A Process and a Journey

This article is the first in a series on planning that leads to ministry formation. The purpose is to provide short bites of information that will set a framework for enhancing the life and ministry of your organization through strategic planning.

Effective strategic planning must be done in a way that:

  brings unity to the organization without stifling creativity
  provides clear direction with goals and benchmarks
  creates energy and promotes ownership from its members
  provides opportunities for service (living out one’s faith)
  provides avenues for individual and corporate faith formation
  has an ultimate end to bring glory to God and God alone

Imperative to this type of planning is a clearly defined mission: “Why we exist”. The ultimate goal of an organization is defined in its mission. You could say that an organization’s mission is its coherence. Mission is the glue that holds an organization together. Every decision that is made, be it related to finance, ministry, facility, outreach, or staff, is subordinate to mission and must be made in light of – and move an organization toward – the realization of its mission ...          read the full article

Good Steward Newsletter – April 2010
We Will All Be Held Accountable For the Protection and Care of Our Children

What can we say that hasn't already been said many, many

times before, especially in recent years? The sexual abuse of children is an unspeakable moral evil. Anyone who commits such a heinous crime - especially family members, priests, teachers, coaches, youth workers or others who are entrusted with the care of children - deserves to be punished to the full extent of both civil and Church law.

By now it is common knowledge that many bishops, law enforcement officers, medical professionals and social scientists seriously misunderstood, or grossly underestimated, the nature of this moral evil. Now we know that the abuser cannot be "cured" -- or at least that the risks involved in recovery and rehabilitation are too great. Now we know that those who have previously abused children cannot ever be placed in situations that would put children in danger. We know this now -- clearly and beyond any doubt. Now we have "zero tolerance" for any behavior that violates the innocence of our children. Now we immediately remove predators from any assignment that would place our children at risk.

We know these things now. Sadly, that was not the case in the past. Not so very long ago, abusers were sent away for treatment. When they returned, if they had repented, and if the appropriate health care professionals recommended it, they were often reassigned -- to a parish, a school, or even youth work. Sometimes they were transferred to a different city or diocese, to a place where no one knew them or their histories. Now we know what a grave mistake that was. That would never happen now. Tragically, it happened too often in the past -- with the approval of church officials and with the support and encouragement of health care and social service professionals. We are all paying the price for these serious misjudgments. Especially the victim-survivors and their families. Especially the parishes, religious communities and dioceses all over the world where these crimes were committed ...

read the full article

(podcast) Introducing the Concept of Christian Stewardship to the Latino Community

O’Meara Ferguson is announcing its first original Spanish-language podcast, entitled “Introducing the Concept of Christian Stewardship to the Latino Community”. This is the first podcast in a series of five, and features a conversational interview with O’Meara

Ferguson Executive Consultant Koren Ruiz. The podcast begins with a general definition of Stewardship – the idea that God is the creator and the giver of all things, where the stewards have the opportunity to manage and to share those gifts according to what God wants to do in their lives – and then it moves into an engaging discussion about different ways the Latino community can begin to understand this relatively new concept as a way of life.

As stewardship is a relatively new concept for many in the Latino community, the podcast focuses more on the basic idea of being grateful for everything God has given us, and discovering through prayer how to best manage and share those gifts according to God’s will for our lives. This tool also provides several practical ways in which people in the Latino community can apply this new concept to their daily lives. It emphasizes that Stewardship is truly a way of life, rather than a list of things we need to do to become grateful and responsible stewards of God’s gifts.

Upcoming Podcasts:

  A Steward Receives God’s Gifts Gratefully
  A Steward Cultivates God’s Gifts Responsibly
  A Christian Steward Shares God’s Gifts Lovingly
  A Christian Steward Returns God’s Gifts with Increase

La compañía O’Meara Ferguson se complace en presentar el primer espacio informativo de audio (de una serie de cinco) completamente en español titulado “Introducción de la corresponsabilidad cristiana a la comunidad latina”. Esta herramienta interactiva es una entrevista con el Asesor Financiero de O’Meara Ferguson Koren Ruiz. La entrevista comienza con la explicación de la definición de Corresponsabilidad – la idea de que Dios es el Creador y Dador de todas las cosas que existen, en donde el corresponsable tiene la oportunidad de administrar y compartir sus dones de acuerdo a lo que Dios quiere hacer en sus vidas – de ahí, la entrevista parte a una discusión muy interesante acerca de diferentes maneras en que la comunidad Latina puede empezar a entender este nuevo concepto como una manera de vida.
Como la Corresponsabilidad es un término relativamente nuevo para muchas personas en la comunidad Latina, esta entrevista se enfoca en las ideas básicas de estar agradecidos por los dones que hemos recibido de Dios y de descubrir a través de la oración como podemos administrar y compartir nuestros dones de acuerdo a la voluntad que Dios tiene para nuestras vidas. Esta herramienta de audio provée también diferentes maneras prácticas en que la gente de la comunidad Latina puede aplicar este nuevo concepto a su vida diaria. Además, enfatiza que la Corresponsabilidad es en verdad una manera de vida y no una simple lista de cosas que debemos hacer para llegar a ser corresponsables más agradecidos o más responsables de los dones de Dios.

Próximos Podcasts:

  Un corresponsable recibe los dones de Dios con actitud de agradecimiento
  Un corresponsable cultiva responsablemente los dones que recibe de Dios
  Un corresponsable comparte los dones de Dios con amor
  Un corresponsabble cristiano regresa los dones de Dios en mayor proporción

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