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August 19, 2011

(podcast) Hope for Our Catholic Schools (Part III): Capital Models
Catholic Education is one of the Church’s primary responses to Christ’s mandate to “Go unto all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Sadly, across the country, Catholic schools are closing or are on the brink of closing. As dioceses, parishes and religious orders face difficult economic challenges and decisions, the tremendous treasure of Catholic education is put at risk. But, says O’Meara Ferguson president and founder Patrick O’Meara, the difficult time facing Catholic education is
“not upon us at this moment – it’s been upon us for the last thirty years.”

In this podcast Patrick O’Meara discusses various models for funding the capital needs of our schools. Whether the capital need is a new roof, a new wing, or a brand new school building, Catholic schools have several models from which to choose as they seek to fund those needs ...

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Good Steward Newsletter – July 2011
Life in Christ is what the Eucharist is All About
If it is true—as we believe it is—that Christ is really present in the Eucharist, then this is the event that is at the center of absolutely everything.
 - Pope Benedict XVI
Life in Christ is what the Eucharist is all about. It is about the personal communion with Jesus Christ that is experienced each time we receive the holy Eucharist. It is about the ecclesial communion that takes place whenever we gather as Church around the altar to participate in the Lord’s sacrificial meal. It’s about His real presence in the sacrament and His radical closeness to each of us as we witness to Him in our words and actions every day.
At Sunday Mass, we remember and renew the great mystery of our redemption through Jesus Christ. Faithful to the Lord’s command, we eat his body and drink his blood ...

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The Importance of Donor Cultivation
Several years ago when I started in the field of consulting, I had a boss whose favorite line was “People give to people and people give to people with good causes.” He said that if people could understand this concept they would easily understand the nature of major
gifts. The idea at first seemed far too simplistic, but 20 years later the concept is still holding its own.
At its heart, fundraising is really about people. Consider the following report on philanthropy by Giving USA: “In 2010, an estimated 75 million households, (an increase of 2.7% from the previous year), made charitable gifts totaling $211.77 billion. Charitable bequests were estimated to be $22.83 billion; an increase of 18.8% from 2009, and family foundations provided approximately 48% of all grants.” According to Giving USA, individuals consistently represent the largest donor market segment, significantly surpassing the funds given by corporations and foundations.
The data clearly shows that people who give to charity do so because of their personal convictions about money. This makes individual gift fundraising a most intimidating process to most organizations in our Catholic community. Perhaps that is why we are so uncomfortable in asking for a gift.
According to experts in philanthropy, there are three dimensions when asking for a gift: the psychology involved in asking for money, the identification and cultivation of the prospects who will be asked, and the solicitation itself. If any of these three steps are neglected, fundraising efforts will not succeed... read the full article
Catholic Education: Sustaining the Mission
Integrating Finance, Development, Planning and Operations to Strengthen Catholic Education
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 • Keynote: Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit
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Catholic Education Leadership Workshops
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