Offertory Enhancement

Our Mission | Offertory Enhancement

As a leading provider of development services to the Catholic Church, for the past ten years The Pelican Group has provided counsel to more than 1000 Catholic organizations, representing a wide variety of program and campaign goals, traditions, and geographic locations.

The Pelican Group fully embraces the International Catholic Stewardship Council definition of stewardship and has specifically incorporated principles of Christian Stewardship into the design of our Stewardship-based offertory Enhancement Initiative.


The Pelican Group provides a creative response to the growing need for stewardship-based programs to increase household offertory participation rates and revenue in parishes and dioceses that are struggling to carry out the Church’s mission in uncertain economic times.

The Pelican Group offers the opportunity to create successful and sustainable increased offertory initiatives, leveraging a proven and successful Stewardship Enhancement Initiative methodology.

Offertory Enhancement services include on-site consulting to help increase parish household offertory participation rate and offertory revenue by:

  • Assisting parishes to connect their mission/vision/stewardship/financial support to vibrant parish life
  • Deepening parishes understanding of stewardship through household mailings, support materials, lay testimonies, sample homilies, and prayers of reflection
  • Assisting parishes in creating appropriate and effective follow-up strategies to provide sustained results

The Pelican Group is dedicated to the particular development and stewardship needs of the Church, serving a wide range of dioceses, religious communities, social service agencies, seminaries, and other Catholic organizations.

Please call 703-840-9017 for more information on how this initiative can help your diocese.