The Kindling for the Fire is the Will

Tertium Quid – Vol. 4, Issue 1 – By: Patrick O’Meara and Patrick J. McCloskey – March 31, 2014 (printable version) A Discussion of the Attributes of Leadership in the Church I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled. – Luke 12:49 In the business world, the idea […]


(podcast) I Thirst

Near the crucifix in the chapel of each of the convents of the Missionaries of Charity is a framed parchment bearing the words, “I Thirst.” Blessed Teresa of Calcutta had a great devotion to this phrase, one of the last words of Our Lord upon the cross. In this podcast O’Meara Ferguson president and founder […]


(podcast) The Role of the Laity in Ecclesial Forgiveness

The podcast below was originally presented by Cardinal Stafford on October 21, 2010 during the O’Meara Ferguson annual conference in Chicago.

This article is featured in our newsletter, Tertium Quid – Vol. 1, Issue 7 In this theologically rich and thought provoking reflection on forgiveness, Cardinal Stafford explores the modern emphasis on reconciliation, the […]


Cardinal Stafford Urges Bankers to Apologize and Assume Responsibility for Causing Economic Crisis

March 12, 2009 by  
Filed under News, The Pelican Group News – Mar. 11, 2009 ROME, MARCH 11, 2009 ( An American cardinal is appealing to bankers to assume responsibility for causing the current global economic downturn, and to apologize for causing it. American Cardinal James Francis Stafford, the major penitentiary, said this today on Vatican Radio during an interview on the Internal Forum, an […]


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